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Influences In The Life Of Wilhelm Bush

October 5th, 2011 by admin

“It’s easy to become a father, but being one is harder rather” is a quote from Germany’s posthumously coined, “Grandfather of Comics”, Wilhelm Bush. If you have never heard this name, but love comics, it’s time for a meet and greet, because you have the famous artist, drawer, sculptor, poet and vegetarian, Wilhelm Bush, to thank for every chuckle and grin. Born in 1832, Wilhelm Bush is often referred to as one of the inventors of the modern comic strip because he drew characters and then added clever and wildly funny satirical musings. But if you are amongst the first at something, then who influences you to do what you do?

Wilhelm Bush, who had initially been studying engineering, became interested in pursuing art after he had experienced the works of painters Frans Hals and Paul Rubens. Then there was the comic guru who came before him, who influenced him greatly as well, Rodolphe Tpffer. (Rodolphe Tpffer’s ‘Obadiah Oldbuck’ (translated from his ‘M. Vieuxbois’), was the first comic book ever published in America, in 1842). Which makes total sense, because he was the only other one who produced comics before him, so doesn’t it make you wonder who influenced Tpffer?

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