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The Fascinating History Of Mad Magazine

October 16th, 2011 by admin

Mad magazine made it’s debut in 1952 originally as a comic book. It was almost written in its by Harvey Kurtzman, an editor and cartoonist who was best described by the New York Times as “being one of the most important figures in post-war America.” It was later upon his insistence that MAD be switched over to a magazine format. By doing this it removed them from the CCA, or Comics Code Authority, which policed comics to make sure the “code of ethics” was maintained, thus censoring comics greatly.

MAD magazine, free of the CCA, was now able to become the innovators of print parody. With the use various media outlets, popular characters, and even historical moments they brought laughter into an age of turmoil, civil unrest, and a nation trying to rebuild from war. Mad taught us to question or become skeptical of not just everyday life but of our beloved cartoons too. Apart from America had publications in 17 other counties, however just reaches six other countries aside from America now. MAD magazine has faced many ups and downs, lawsuits, acquisitions, loss of editors, and of course inspiring a nation through print, television, theater, and even an old Commodore 64 video game.

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